Estonian Mendance Festival THREE combines the elements of body, soul, and spirit into one spectacle through dancing with its symbol being a palm of hand, where the lines signify patterns of the dance of life. The number of the festival, THREE, on one hand embodies the three uniting aspects of the essence of humanness and on the other hand, when turned sideways, reads as the letter M, the initial of the word man.

Just about 3,500 men will perform 32 dances especially choreographed for the third instalment of the Estonian Mendance Festival. ‘What is so special about the third Mendance Festival is that all the dances and music are created for this event. The team behind the music, HELIKOND, includes many well-known Estonian artists, such as Karl-Erik Taukar, Marten Kuningas, Jaan Pehk, Daniel Levi, Maarja Nuut, and other great musicians. The outcome shows the consistency and commitment of them bringing the music to a whole new level,’ said the main choreographer of the dance festival Maie Orav.

By the time of the festival the youngest of dancers have just finished their first school year whereas the older gentlemen have entered their retirement age. In addition to experienced folk dancers, there are two special dance group categories involved: one of them consists of proactive people from different walks of life, and the other group is put together of actors.